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In the busyness of life, many of us have to let go of the promises of God.
We still believe them but we have stopped actively persuing them. – Graham Cooke

As I read this statement the other day I felt relief.
Relief because the one or the other promise had to(!) be benched while the busyness of my life (health, small children to name the main two sources) competed with centre stage. Parents (and especially foster and adoptive parents) know that it sometimes is overwhelming to parent these big, untamed personalities and especially early years take up so much capacity – emotionally, mentally and physically.
I am glad for that verse that says “God is  gentle with those that have young!” It reminds me of the Jesus I encountered. Full of love and understanding-grace-empowering-love.

The emphasis here is HAD TO. As in must. There are seasons in life where not our promises but our very present day tasks and responsibilities take up centre stage. So much so that there is little room to give any extra to actively pursue the promises of God. Not that we step out of relationship with God.  More so that the nature of the close and intimate relationship that we might have enjoyed is being squeezed out by the busyness of life. It is not a case of forsaking Him, but of human weakness, not being able to do it all! It is also about self dying and throwing that promise into the ground for the sake of getting on with what is in front of us now and the stuff that needs tending to. Sleep included, especially when little humans rely on you! We trust that God will water our seeds just as he has promised. He counts the love that we show to others as direct love towards Him. Especially when we take on responsibilities that are his will.

Sometimes going to bed after an exhausting, disappointing or hard day I will mutter to myself. “Better go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. God’s faithfulness and mercies renewed!”
And I let go… and sleep. And when I get up again, I know (believe, hope and trust) God is still working things out. I can have peace and expectation for the day ahead and the promises to be fulfilled.

Because I trust that God understands me and my situation! The bible says that he knows every heart and even searches it out.  Some people might have used this truth to guilt trip me. But I find it comforting now and don’t believe that God is ever watching to strike us. He is love and longs for us to experience Him. He knows our heart. He searches it out. He prays and intercedes for us. God wants us to succeed. He knows our seasons. Of course, if we reject Him, he will reject us too. But rejecting Him in our heart is very different from being overwhelmed with life or just in a season of really busy. My God understands. Don’t you want to be in relationship with the One who made you YOU?! The one who understand you better than anyone else ever will?

As Christmas approaches I think of the humanity God showed through Jesus life. He identified with us in every way, able to empathise with our weakness. He never sinned. He endured. He loved. It wasn’t all instantaneous. Some things took time. Sometimes he grieved. Often he walked and hung with his friends. He slept. He lived! He understands!

Instead of focusing on everything we are unable to attend, manage or pursue in the busyness of life, let’s focus on everything he has done and accomplished for us and believe everything he has promised. Take courage. One step at a time guys. One step at a time. x

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