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In the beginning of January 2013 I had the following vivid Dream. I thought it was relevant than as much as now! And so I wanted to share it with those who like me like to be encouraged. I have edited it for now.

I entered my bedroom, the window was wide open and the room as well as outside was dark.  Confused by the darkness I had to adjust my eyes for a few seconds.  I noticed something moving right outside my big window. After my eyes adjusted I saw a big brown owl, about a 1m x 1,5m, with outstretched wings right in front of my window starring at me. The owl hovered slightly from left to right almost hypnotising me. This took, while adjusting my eyes, several seconds, and just as I wanted to resume my schedule (closing the window, etc) the owl flew straight at me and into the room. At this very moment I found a very thick, rolled-up newspaper in my hand and whacked the owl hard. Immediately the light in the room came on. Also at that very moment the outside turned immediately light. As I kept whacking this owl I realised that it was getting smaller and smaller and smaller…

Here is how I interpret this dream.

With God there is always an OPEN WINDOW of opportunity.  I believe what God wants us to understand from this is that His announcements, His plans for our lives are going to be challenged. There is a spiritual force that is opposed to our purpose. Always! In the natural the owl lives in the darkness. It can be a symbol for wisdom, but can also symbolise a bad omen and the occult/demonic/Satan. It also represents an idea, concept, moral lesson or allegory. In this dream it symbolises Satan and his agents trying to distract, accuse or engage us, so that he can attack us and thereby STOP the purposes of God in our lives.

But we can and should DEAL almost aggressively with the attacks of the enemy in prayer, binding his scheming attempts and loosening God’s blessings. This is not about being afraid of, but about being AWARE of distractions and hurdles! God is a solution focused God and he wants to enlighten us as to what is going on in our lives so we can have understanding and gain fresh PERSPECTIVE. When we partner with God darkness will flee and with it all the toxic feelings.

Prayer is a powerful tool and this is where praying in tongues comes in. It builds us up on the inside and gives us Christ’s strength to stand firm in this discrepancy between heaven’s reality and our earthly one. For me that is always a good start. I do not want to handle spiritual things in my own efforts and strength – it also doesn’t work! I want to handle it with God’s insight, his perspective,his strategy, in his way. Perspective is everything. Somehow praying in tongues opens up revelation, insight, vision. It is like we can connect with heaven to receive all that we need to experience and know out of an encounter with God.
As Katia Adams from Frequentsee Ministry said: “Information will not set you free but ENCOUNTER will. We have a King who desires so much more than just teach us”

– Wonderful and so true!

Peace loves

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