Making Way PT2.- God has a strategy!

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In the last post PT1., I was sharing with you that God wants to direct, lead, guide and even warn us, as part of the “Making Way” series.

Today we will talk about the strategic part of “making way”. And I am very excited about this, because I like plans. I like for something to have a beginning and an end, I like movement and for things to be as smooth as can be. And who knows life is not going to be always a smooth ride, right? Throw in some shady activity we shall call enemy attacks and it is easy to see how tricky it can be to stay winning in this crazy life.

Let’s look at the word strategic first

  1. relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.
    • designed or planned to serve a particular purpose.
  2. relating to the gaining of overall or long-term military advantage.
    • (of human or material resources) essential in fighting a war.

Every journey has a starting point and an aim.  We all have mandates,callings and purposes, even dreams and wants (individually, corporately, collectively, naturally, spiritually..). that have to or want to be accomplished. I believe that God knows exactly who he calls for what purpose and why he has made us with the set of skills, gifts and desires. As God is the Author and Finisher, the beginning and the end, he also has divine intel and information to share with us so that we can achieve it, gain advantage and be protected from any ambush that comes our way!

I say “Very strategic Oh most high”! *claps hands excitedly* (sorry not sorry for my sense of humour.)

What he plans makes sense in the end! I know it can be confusing at times as we learn his ways as some of his ways can seem different from our expectation, even confusing to us, counter – intuitive and sometimes I have even deemed them “unfair”.
One thing is for sure! God wants us to fulfil our calling, our purpose and for us to reach our goals, while we walk towards Him and eternity. And so, he doesn’t just give us promises and words of encouragement (prophecy) but also the knowledge and wisdom to accomplish it. Whatever we do with and because of Him, we have to do in his strength and by his spirit, if we want it to have eternal value.

Head knowledge (theory) has to become heart knowledge (praxis)!

Our hearts matter to God. Not just what we do, but also how we do it, our motivation behind things and character too. Our well being, right now and eternally is important to Him. Obviously! So important that Jesus gave his life to give us a new heart and put his spirit on the inside of us. (Ez 36:26) And in the end, it is our heart and the secret things that we have developed or left undeveloped that we will be judged on.
The heart in the bible is described as the very chore of who we are. In western culture we often seperate our thinking from our emotions but the bible does not make that distinction. There, the heart is both, our emotions and our mind/thoughts.

You see, our faith walk with God isn’t all blind at all. God loves nothing more than sharing his heart and plans with his friends. He knows the end from the beginning and everything in between. And because of that, because Jesus Christ is ahead of us, we can not only be at peace but we can also partner with Him as we walk in his ways, knowing he has already a solution and ultimately gained victory through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is what I call an advantage!

You see, the walk in the spirit is not as mystical as some of us maybe believe. It is quite straight forward and intelligent (as is God).

I think many in the church are (getting) familiar with prophecy and encouraging one another.  And the gift of knowledge sits there in the prophetic gifting as well but it is different and listed separately as a spiritual gift in 1 Corinthians 12:8. The word of knowledge has been associated with the ability to teach faith, but also with forms of revelation similar to prophecy and is closely related to the word of wisdom, another spiritual gift.

We are to eagerly desire spiritual gifts (1. Corinthians 14) and I so desire them.  And I know many of you desire it too. We want to see GOODNESS and love – heaven-  on the earth, the kingdom of God manifest in our lives, families, businesses, churches and ministries. How wonderful to have INSIGHT (knowledge and wisdom) to help us accomplish all he has promised.

Why would you not take advantage of divine Intel???
There is obviously a hunger for divine knowledge both in and outside the church.
Do you also hunger to know what he is saying right now? Do you sit on a promise from God but don’t know what now? Maybe you find yourself in a situation and you feel stuck … is it time to find out God’s strategy? 

The old testament is full of military strategy. There are so many amazing stories of redemption or advantage taken and God using supernatural power to GIVE the victory to his people.
All they had to do was inquire (ask) of God, heed his wisdom and do as told. Sometimes they went to prophets or prophets came to them as a point of reference for God to speak.  So we can do the same as God leads and we have access.

Making Way is also about sharing God’s strategy as he instructs and then to walk accordingly to the best of our knowledge. Often God has given me words of knowledge or a fitting faith preach, along with some encouragement to UNLOCK the next part of the journey for individuals, groups or businesses. Even our music ministry is geared more towards unlocking the next bit (that is why we often sing so much in tongues and then speak out the revelatory things God shows).

We walk it out, share it as guided and also encourage others to become a strategist filled with God knowledge and God wisdom.  So get in touch if we can be of assistance in any way.

For the Lord gives wisdom;
    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
He holds success in store for the upright,
    he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,
for he guards the course of the just
    and protects the way of his faithful ones.

Then you will understand what is right and just
    and fair—every good path.
10 For wisdom will enter your heart,
    and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.
11 Discretion will protect you,
    and understanding will guard you. Prov.2:6-11

God wants us to choose well. In this day and age we all want to make informed decisions. In fact I don’t think that is very new at all. In many ways it is our craving for true freedom that makes us that way… and that is God given.  The bible is full of great wisdom, all to help us make informed decisions so it will be well with us in the long run.

Have you been on the receiving end of Carina’s ministry? Why dont you share below with others how her ministry (blogs, coaching, music, mentoring) has affected you personally?

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  1. That’s so true and so awesome I got to be part of your season. Love you much. Thanks for commenting xx

  2. The first time we met, even before either of us knew that we get married, or even just see each other again, you gave me a word of knowledge which helped me to pray for someone so they could see an immediate breakthrough in their really difficult circumstances. That word and every other word like that since, has helped to shape and strengthen both my spiritual and natural relationships. Your words of knowledge and “divine Intel” have opened up opportunities I wouldn’t have even seen, and brought increase, to my understanding, vision and had definitely helped me to increase in finances. Thank you for always speaking the things you hear from God and not changing them, just the way Samuel did when delivering bad news to Eli. Please don’t stop! X

  3. SO GOOD! ? I really enjoyed reading it. As always. I could always read your insights, your words. Please, consider writing a book.

  4. I love that God loves strategy and plans but never at the expense of our heart! So encouraging! I can also remember many times of talking to you and dreaming out loud and you being a voice of encouragement and strategy in my life – thank you!

  5. Yes!! Oh how I love strategy and informed partnering with the spirit!! And that we don’t have to „do it all by ourselves“ either. Can’t count all the moments you dropped some words of wisdom or insight about the season I was walking theough ln that over the last couple of years.. propelled me forward and into walking out my next steps more than once x so precious x

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