Making Way Part 1 – God will fight for YOU

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My God is so BIG, SO STRONG AND SO MIGHTY, there’s NOTHING my God cannot do….
Do you know that song?
I sang this to my babies when they were small and they keep singing it still as they continue to grow.
And yet, entrusting God with our precious belongings, our heart, the things we protect fiercely and ultimately our children is no easy task at times. Especially if we sense danger, an attack, however small or big. It is our natural instinct to warn, defend and protect them from any harm.
I mean sometimes another child let alone another adult has to just look funny at my kids and the Lioness in me is in full force!
I am under no delusion here. Nobody is perfect. Not my kids, not yours, most certainly not me. I understand it is a mistake to shield children from healthy and affordable consequences. That is not what I am talking about here though.
Nobody wants to see their child crushed, injured or hurt. Can we agree on that?

This morning I am reminded that God is that good Father who feels the same way about us. He won’t shield us from learning, allowing healthy and affordable consequences and disciplines, but his heart is to warn, protect and defend us against any attack or danger.
He is BIG and STRONG and MIGHTY and he will rise up when anyone dares to touch or come near his beloved (Ps. 18). That is you! Your kids! And me too. We are his beloved. His precious prize.  How much more does he want to guide us through life than we would want to our children. He has good plans and abundant life for us. Therefore it is wise to listen to Him, to be intimately and progressively better acquainted with Him (Hebr. 3), right?

I remember choosing a name for the ministry and for this website and God spoke clearly. “Making Way”. God makes way for us, and we make way for others as we follow his example and instructions. It is progressive, not a one time moment.

I believe with all of my heart that God is the way, is making way and will make way, even where there seems to be no way. And I have doubted this at times as I was learning more about the reality of this in my life. But as each year passes and I look back I see God making way for me, my family and others where there seemed to be NO way,  not financially, not medically, not relationally nor any other way.

I believe in a strong God. And to be frank I needed and still need a strong God. I need a God who will fight for me and my children, who goes with me and my children, who opens doors, who confuses the evil plans of the enemy, who protects me and my children… And I am so glad God reminded me again that he is indeed that God. He is the one that will fight for me (Ex. 14:14; Deut. 3:22) internally but also EXTERNALLY! I love real testimonies about God doing external things in our circumstances!

Why “Making Way”? Because God wants to direct, lead, guide and even warn us as we walk through life. And so he speaks through his word, the Holy Spirit in us, through dreams and visions (like this one) and so many other ways. Are we listening?

God is a good Father. He is so able to take care of us as we journey this life. Let’s make a commitment to progressively get more acquainted with Him and his ways, yes? Only then can we recognise him in our lives and only then can he make way for us in a way we can recognise.

I am excited to journey together. In what areas do you need a strong God in this season? Comment below or private message me.

Much love

Carina xox


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  1. Thank you for commenting here Marnie. I appreciate it and I am so glad that it was helpful in some way. Praying whatever you are facing that your eyes will be opened to see where and how to Lord is acting on your behalf. xx

  2. Oh so needed to read this… such divine timing as always Carina His word through you is purely anointed and very much needed.❤❤
    Thank you x

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