Love as a witness- Making Way Pt. 4

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The first few weeks of the year have been particular stirring for me. Things are changing all around us. Some things we don’t even have control over.
I felt such a burden to pray with and for some friends and acquaintances in such a way that the words would somehow create a forward movement for them. Propel them, make way for them in their current situation emotionally, spiritually, financially whatever. In small and big ways.
And it reminded me that I wanted to write the last part to this series and answer the maybe most important question as to why I have named this ministry and blog Making Way.

What is a “waymaker“?
Wiktionary says:

It is one who makes a way, a precursor, a pioneer or pathfinder.

(“Waymaking” is then) providing a way, means, or solution despite difficulty or impossibility.

And as we have read in the other three parts previously that is exactly who God is. He is a waymaking God!

I will forever major our message on who he is, what he has done and ways he redeems us and others from difficult or impossible situations! He is the very reason we are doing anything in the first place! So I will, with so many of you,  continue to stretch myself out and purposefully position myself in situations only he can pave, he can glorify because I am so hungry to experience his abundant life, healing power and exceptional love! (Can I hear an AMEN?)

And that is exactly what I believe is our part in the waymaking process.
Whether we are are worshipping in the midst of difficulty, sharing what we have with others (both the ugly and the beautiful), prophesying the unseen into the seen, visiting the sick and prisoners, whether we heal in the name of Jesus or respond to God in any other way for the glory of his name and the benefit of people (including ourselves) is making way! When Jesus gave his disciple the commission to “Go into all the world“, he was saying MAKE WAY for me. I am coming back! The kingdom of God is near, now you go, declare it and revealed in my name and power!  He did not say it to anyone. He said it to those set to follow Him! I know that is you and me!

It is a natural response,  that as we experience the waymaking and tangible God – reality,  his goodness and love in our lives that we are ecstatic, joyful, overwhelmed, moved, healed… and that we want to share with others what he has done so that they too might experience it!

And that is WHY we make way! As a witness to what he had done. Jesus did say “BE MY WITNESSES!” It is that simple! I really get excited about this!

Bill Johnson said:  “We owe the world an encounter with  living God!” We, as in us – the believers that have experienced God in one way shape or form!

To make way is to reciprocate love received from God! 

So, why don’t we pray as the first month of this year ends:

“Abba Father, thank you for your love, the ways you personally met and meet me, the way you pursued and reached me. Thank you for your empowerment. Holy Spirit lead me on this year in 2018 to make way, responding to your love and leading to glorify the name of Jesus, that is above every other name and benefit those around me with you inside of me! Let them have an encounter with you through me and as a result of my prayers God! Let your presence flood my heart and those that come into contact with me. Holy Spirit, I welcome your way-making power in my life too, even as you touch areas of my heart and thinking that need renewing or rewiring. Make way in me! Have your way in me so I can be a vessel that communicates and lives with grace and mercy, a servant attitude and loving kindness as well as power!”

Oh there is so much more to pray. But I will stop here. Amen, let it be so. Let us experience the way making power of God time and again in our own lives and be catalysts for others to be be propelled into the way of life too. Let me finish with 1 Cor. 2, verses 9 and 10 from the Message Bible.

No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this,
Never so much as imagined anything quite like it—
What God has arranged for those who love him.

But you’ve seen and heard it because God by his Spirit has brought it all out into the open before you.

Carina x

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