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Happy new year to you!
The year has officially begun and everywhere I am seeing blogs and messages about “starting the year right”, “Eating right”, “Intentionally walking through 2018”, …, and similar posts. I get it. It sells. Especially at the beginning of the year after a break and all the good intentions for the coming year.
After a break and reconnecting with the greatest gift that has ever hit the world, I was filled with peace and I was not going to trade this peace for anything – especially not for strife.
While I am honestly for planning things out and being intentional with your day, not to mention year, my reality is my kids  just went back to school yesterday. They left the house at 8am and were all back by 12.30. So I have to continue to be realistic about my aims and goals within the structure already in place.
And as I was seeking God about my direction and goals, it was as if Jesus lifted me up to look him right in the eye. And I heard Jesus speak lovingly and firmly to my heart. Nothing new, but who can get enough from hearing God speak to us directly… Not me!
“I am your goal!”

And with that everything settled into place. At least in my heart and mind!
I am pumping with so much renewed vision and I want to make way, to encourage, and influence with God strategy and authentic life lessons learned. But I want to do all that with a deep sense of peace. I want to be propelled by God (and his friends) not pushed by strife. I believe that if we want to follow Him, he will propel and move us. Sure there is effort on our part, and I do not want to minimise that, but it is supposed to be an easy yoke.
And so let me start this New Year’s blog with some encouragement I have been soaking up.

You are made to thrive.
That is what I receive for myself this year as a direct truth into my heart and I hope you hear it too.
We are made to thrive!
When God put us here on the earth he had plans for us to thrive and prosper, abundantly and dependently on Him.
I believe with all of my heart that God is. He exists. He is to be experienced and followed. And if you have followed my life, blog or ministry for any amount of time you know what I mean by that. I do not believe that “life with God” means the absence of difficulty or trials. On the contrary! But it means life WITH God. He never leaves us. Not alone, not behind! Never! Whatever our circumstances. If we have seen the truth and we walk with Him, come storms, come trials – He will be there! That is the goal. Connection in all things!

Whatever God has promised, he will do. Maybe you are seriously doubting or wondering about that because your circumstances seem less than ideal. I know I have at times wondered and even doubted.

For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3

Sometimes things go so dark and so opposite to what was promised or expected. But when God speaks he means it! God is out of time and he loves to encourage us WAY ahead of our time frames. He is so strategic. He sees the end from the beginning.
Making Way has always begun with Him not me. He leads, he trains and teaches. He goes ahead. I follow. There is an appointed time for everything. (Eccl.3) so be encouraged as you have to wait for fulfilment, for the way to be made… God’s word to us will not prove false. It will not delay. It will all happen just as he has planned. All we have to do is keep walking and making Him, his heart, his purposes, his kingdom our goal! Any year.
Making Way has definitely gone through some seasons, both online and offline. And in the next few weeks we are going to reconnect with what it means to me to “Make Way”, what You can expect to find on the website, Facebook pages, Instagram’s and whatever else we will use to make way.
But “making way” we will.

I would love it if we could find a way to connect even more. Would that be fun? Let me know in the comment section what you would like this time to look like?

Okay! Speak soon again!
Love & Peace
Carina xx

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