I am found.

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I am found.

You love me
you’re desire is for me
Oh, how you love me.
You have paid for my freedom

In you, there is room for me
In You, I am found.

When I am all out of sort you give me reason for singing.
You are everywhere not unaware of my struggles.
You lift me up

In you, there is room for me
In you, I am found.

These are lyrics to one of my songs. And I loved singing it yesterday and today. This is song is not a faith song. It is an experience song. It is true.
We really are found. God really does love and like us. He always wants to be near and close. He is not unaware of what is going on and gives us still reason to sing. There is always room for us to come. God has always time. I love that about Him.

Take sometime and just soak in his love today. I have nothing further to say! Ha.

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