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A german speaking or rather singing band that is quite known in christian circles in Germany has been crowdfunding over the last 20 days.  I am happy to have been able to contribute and yesterday they reached their target. I like that feeling of sowing into someone else’s dream. Don’t you?

Anyway, as I was scrolling through the comments of one of the FB posts,  I saw one “troll” attacking the band for crowdfunding the project in the first place. “LIARS!”, ‘The band has enough money’, ‘why does it have to be that producer’, ‘all the money that could go to the poor’ and on and on he went.
To my surprise the band responded kindly,  explaining that nobody in the band is actually paid and that the work they do as a Christian band is often covered by gifts only that never cover a whole salary for anyone.
I hesit a guess that they give their time, own money and future to writing German praise songs, so people continue to praise God in their own language. It is a service of love. They use their gifts, their time and maybe their own money to go and serve others.

So instead of their explanation silencing the man, he only came back with more attacking and dare I say more policing! Of course eventually he quit. Nobody was paying attention anymore. Such a wasted energy!

It made me remember crowdfunding for our record (successfully). But because we are “nobodies” and wanting to keep the cost as low as possible, having never done it at all, we crowdfunded for a tenth of the amount this band was going for.

Anyway. As if it wasn’t nerv wrecking enough to put yourself out there in the first place, I too received  a private lecture from someone about “trusting in God alone” and being “pissed off by Christians always asking for money”, “why do you have to do it at all?”

Of course the many people who give both money and their encouragement are the majority here. And I guess, I should focus on them.
Yet the one tiny little negativity really does spoil it for a moment, doesn’t it?
Because reaching people creatively costs time, effort and money. And we along with many others are doing already what we can with our own money, time and strength as best as we can. And it has cost us so much more than just a salary. Let’s just be honest here.

I really want to justify myself and others for once so decided to write a little online letter to the Internet Trolls, the Nitpickers, the know-it-all-better, the acusers and shamers, the never-do-anything… So.

Dear Internet Troll,

I’m kidding!! Loving your enemies and all doesn’t really mean tear them apart just because their wrong, does it?! It is a waste of energy.

Instead here are a few points for you dreamers, artists and pioneering peers. In fact these are some good pointers we all benefit from hearing.

I sure remind myself often!!!

1. Overcome evil with good. It is not that hard. Just make it a habit. Also, receive the joy of frustrating your enemy!

2. Let people talk. Gossipers gossip. Nothing like free publicity. Ha. Enjoy it while it lasts. Soon you will be old news and they will have found a new person to gossip about.

3. Do not mistake the loving rebuke of a friend for accusation. It is not. It can initially feel like it, especially if you have been burnt by trolls before but if they have a history of loving you… believe them! They might just look out for ya!

4. Never stop following your convictions/dreams . We need you to fulfil your dreams. Because it fuels our dreams. Simples.

5. If it is in your power to give. Give! Do it freely. Without coercion or manipulation. We all have something to give to someone. Yes?

6. Don’t stop doing good. Live it up! It looks good on ya.

7. God sees what it costs you. He knows. He rewards well! Remember that. X 

 Much love as always
Carina x

Damian Zaleski

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  1. Yes David. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate that. Let’s keep our heart right whatever the deal. X

  2. People who get mad are usually looking in a mirror when they do so – our attitude to others says a great deal about the state of our own heart I think. Great post, and a timely word to keep believing, keep sowing, and let Papa’s voice be the one we hear, not the nit-pickers. 🙂

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