Take Courage

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In the busyness of life, many of us have to let go of the promises of God.
We still believe them but we have stopped actively persuing them. – Graham Cooke

As I read this statement the other day I felt relief. Relief because the one or the other promise had to be benched while the busyness of my life competed with centre stage.

Speak up or Shut up?

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A situation at home with one of my sons caused me to have to think about the example I set for them. He was experiencing the consequences of speaking up and not being received well! The apple does not fall far from the tree! And I was hurting for Him, because I could see why he had done it, what he could have done better and the painful situation he was now faced with! Really I wanted to storm in and sort it out for him. But apparently, that is not good parenting! So I prayed and pondered as I listened to Him

When is it right to speak up and when is it ok to be silent about an injustice?

Recovering control freak

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I used to believe that the level of true spirituality and Christian maturity was measured by how well you can control yourself. How perfect you can be! Oh gosh, those days when I had an answer for everything and everyone! That notion is long gone – thankfully! Yuk!
I now know that true spirituality has something to do with vulnerability and taking the quick turns to God and sometimes others to unburden and humble oneself.
It is a courageous thing for the broken heart to open up!

Glossalia – What now?

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I know Christians are divided on this practise and people outside the church must think it is absolutely crazy. And I understand why to an extent.
To me though it remains one of the most amazing gifts I have received since Jesus showed up.

Find Rest. Sync Up.

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There is this hustle in me, especially when things heat up with challenges, deadlines, bills, appointments, that pleasures want to roll in and give me rest from all of this. And it is naturally in a way to want to play and enjoy life, to escape for a while. So many distractions each day. And yet, I find, especially in these times when I feel hard pressed, actually all those pleasures do not offer deep rest at all. I still feel the hustle within me.