Making Way Part 1 – God will fight for YOU

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I believe with all of my heart that God is the way, is making way and will make way, even where there seems to be no way. And I have doubted this at times as I was learning more about the reality of this in my life. But as each year passes and I look back I see God making way for me, my family and others where there seemed to be NO way,  not financially, not medically, not relationally nor any other way.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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Not one of us is made to go at it alone! Life is to be lived in relationships. And yet, there are times when God is asking us to dare to say or do something personally, that he might not ask anyone else to do. It can feel like you have to walk away from everything that you have known, in pursuit of conviction and obedience, and you have to do it alone. It is your journey alone. Not somebody else’s.

4 steps to partner with your future now

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I started seeing my purpose before me. And I hesitated for a moment because “it seemed almost too good to be true”! It also seemed near.
Do you ever feel like that? Has God spoken to you or you received a prophetic word over your life and it seems so big and almost in sight. And it is freaky! Sometimes it is a lot easier for it to be in some far distance! But if it is near, there is this expectation to also partner and handle what is coming your way.

Go ALL the way

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As many of you might now, we are in full blown transition in our lives. By faith as per usual with literally no means attached to it. Transition is a shitty place! Honestly! I wish it wasn’t but for us it is. Because I like predictable a lot more than I am aware of and because I am not 25 years old anymore.